Are You Truly Masculine? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Are You Truly Masculine? Answer These 7 questions to Find Out

Masculinity Quiz


The concept of masculinity has been debated for centuries – what does it mean to be a man? Does it encompass physical strength, bravery, and a stoic attitude? Or is it something more subtle, such as knowing when to express emotions and when to be vulnerable?

No matter what your definition of masculinity is, measuring it can be a tricky task. We’ve created this quiz to help you uncover the truth about your masculinity. Check out the questions below and see what your answers reveal about your level of masculinity.

  1. Do you often put others before yourself?

A. Yes – I prioritize others’ happiness and needs before my own.

B. No – I usually put my own needs and desires first.

  1. Do you find it easy to express and share your emotions?

A. Yes – I’m comfortable expressing my emotions and don’t need to hide them.

B. No – I’m not the best at expressing my emotions and often bottle them up.

  1. Do you take risks?

A. Yes – I’m not afraid to take risks and try new things.

B. No – I prefer to play it safe and stick to what I know.

  1. Do you have a solid moral code?

A. Yes – I’m willing to stand up for my beliefs and remain faithful to my values.

B. No – I don’t feel strongly about any particular moral beliefs.

  1. Are you comfortable with showing vulnerability?

A. Yes – I don’t shy away from admitting when I’m hurt or scared.

B. No – I prefer to keep a stoic facade and never show weakness.

  1. Do you consider yourself a leader?

A. Yes – I often take the lead in group settings and am not afraid to make decisions.

B. No – I prefer to follow rather than lead.

  1. Do you feel pressure to conform to gender norms?

A. Yes – I often feel pressured to act a sure way to fit in with what society deems “masculine.”

B. No – I don’t feel any pressure to adhere to gender norms.

If you answered mostly As Congratulations, you have a strong sense of masculinity! You understand that being a man doesn’t mean conforming to traditional gender expectations. You prioritize others’ happiness and needs before your own, share your emotions, don’t shy away from vulnerability, and are a natural leader.

If you answered mostly Bs: You may not outwardly display traditional masculine traits, but that doesn’t mean your masculinity is lacking. Everyone has their definition of masculinity, and yours may differ from what society deems as “masculine.” You may prefer to play it safe and stick to what you know, not feel strongly about any particular moral beliefs, and prefer to follow rather than lead. That’s okay – there’s nothing wrong with not conforming to traditional gender norms.

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