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“Zyzz”Aziz A.K.A. Shavershian


Have you ever heard of Zyzz a.k.a Aziz Shavershian? He was an Internet sensation and fitness icon who gained fame through his bodybuilding and aesthetic lifestyle. His death at the young age of 22 left many unanswered questions about who he really was and what drove him to become one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

This article will explore the life of Aziz Shavershian, from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame. We will look at how he became a major influence in the fitness industry and discuss the legacy he left behind following his untimely death. Finally, we’ll consider how Zyzz paved the way for other aspiring bodybuilders and fitness icons to make their own mark on the world.

So buckle up, because this is going to be an interesting journey as we take a closer look at the life and times of Aziz Shavershian a.k.a ‘Zyzz’!


Aziz Shavershian, a.k.a. ‘Zyzz’, was an Australian bodybuilder and social media icon who rose to fame in the 2000s. He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1989, but his family moved to Sydney, Australia when he was a child. Growing up in Sydney, Zyzz developed an interest in bodybuilding from a young age and quickly became known for his incredible physique.

He began to attract attention online due to his impressive physique and outgoing personality, and soon gained thousands of followers on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. His influence spread throughout the fitness community worldwide and he has become an icon within the industry. Zyzz also had a clothing line called ‘Aesthetic Revolution’ which was popular amongst many of his fans. He tragically passed away in 2011 at the age of 22 due to heart complications. Despite this, his legacy lives on through his large fanbase and the people whose lives he touched with his inspiring words and actions.

Known as “Zyzz”, “Zyzz God”, and a lot of other monikers. Zyzz was famous for many of his motivational speeches and quotes. His popular quotes are “You Mirrin Brah?!” and “we’re all gonna make it brah!” and will forever be ingrained in internet history.

Rise To Fame

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Zyzz’s rise to fame was nothing short of remarkable. He began to gain attention in the bodybuilding world after his impressive physique and incredible transformation caught the eye of many admirers. His career in bodybuilding began to take off and he soon became one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. This further propelled him into the spotlight and enabled him to reach an even wider audience through social media.

Zyzz made use of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase his lifestyle and fitness journey, which helped him quickly gain thousands of followers. His presence on social media allowed him to connect with fans from all over the world, popularising his catchphrases such as ‘Be Aesthetic’ and ‘Do It For Zyzz’. Through his influence, he inspired countless people around the world who looked up to him for motivation and guidance in their own fitness journeys.

His legacy still lives on today as an inspiration for many aspiring bodybuilders who strive to achieve a similar level of success that Zyzz did during his lifetime. He will always be remembered fondly by those whose lives he touched through his words and actions.

Bodybuilding Career

Zyzz’s passion for bodybuilding is what drove him to achieve greatness in competitive bodybuilding circles. He was well known for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to push himself further than most to reach success. After competing in a few local competitions, he began to make a name for himself within the bodybuilding community. His impressive performances and notable physique earned him respect from his peers and admiration from fans.

This led him to compete at higher levels of competition, including the Mr. Olympia event. Zyzz ultimately placed highly in several competitions, cementing his place as one of the greats in the sport. His success not only created a platform for him to share his passion with the world but also inspired countless others who had similar dreams of reaching similar heights.

Zyzz’s achievements created an unprecedented level of fame that will forever be remembered by those who strive towards becoming aesthetic legends just like him.

Social Media Presence

Zyzz’s social media presence was an integral part of his success and influence. His Instagram following of millions of fans kept him in the public eye and allowed him to share his journey with admirers around the world. This was a major factor in helping Zyzz become a well-known figure in bodybuilding and fitness culture.

In addition to his significant Instagram following, Zyzz also created a series of YouTube videos that were widely viewed and discussed. These videos provided valuable insight into the life of a competitive bodybuilder, as well as inspired others to pursue their own goals. The combination of these two platforms gave Zyzz an incredibly large reach, allowing him to spread his message further than ever before.

His impact could be seen in four distinct ways: 1) He served as an inspiration for those seeking to carve out their own aesthetic physique; 2) His incredible dedication helped push the boundaries of what had previously been accepted as possible; 3) He showed how hard work can pay off; 4) He proved that obstacles can be overcome if one is determined enough. Through this collective effort, Aziz Shavershian became known worldwide as Zyzz and will forever remain an icon in the fitness industry.

Personal Style And Branding

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Building on his initial success and notoriety, Zyzz was able to craft a unique personal style and lifestyle brand. He became known for wearing streetwear and his own merchandise, which combined his trademark phrase ‘Aesthetics’ with vibrant colors and bold designs. These items quickly became popular among fans of fitness, bodybuilding, and fashion alike. His clothing line was even spotted on the runway during fashion shows in London and New York City.

Zyzz’s influence extended beyond clothing as he started to become an icon in the fitness industry. He released several books that detailed his journey from a teenage bodybuilder to becoming a fitness celebrity. In addition, he regularly gave motivational speeches at events around the world and inspired millions of people to strive for their own goals. Through this work, he established himself as one of the most influential figures in not just bodybuilding but also overall health and wellness culture.

The legacy of Aziz Shavershian will live on through those who were influenced by him. His dedication to his craft, drive to succeed, and outgoing personality made him more than just a fitness icon; he was an inspiration for many people all over the world who wanted to reach their goals no matter what obstacles stood in their way.

Fitness Inspiration

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Zyzz was more than just a bodybuilder and fashion icon; he was also an inspiration to millions of people around the world. His dedication to fitness and his message of self-improvement motivated many people to achieve their goals. He showed that with hard work, discipline, and the right attitude, anyone can reach the top.

From his own experiences, Zyzz became a source of motivation for others:

• His books and speeches encouraged people to stay focused on their dreams and never give up.
• His clothing line served as a reminder to remain stylish while striving for fitness goals.
• He encouraged physical activity by showing off his bodybuilding routine on social media.
• He sparked conversations about health and nutrition through interviews with magazines and TV shows.
• His passion for living life to the fullest inspired many to take risks and make the most of every day.

Zyzz’s legacy will live on in the hearts of those who were inspired by him. Through his work, he showed that anything is possible if you have the right mindset and follow your passions. He pushed people to never settle for less than their best and strive for greatness no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

Controversies Surrounding His Legacy

Despite his immense popularity, Zyzz’s legacy is not without its controversies. Many bodybuilding enthusiasts have criticized him for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, with some claiming that his influence was responsible for a rise in steroid usage among young men. Additionally, some have argued that he did not always practice what he preached and was not always a model of health or fitness.

The criticism has also extended to Aziz Shavershian himself; some have accused him of being arrogant and selfish, citing his lavish lifestyle as evidence of this. Furthermore, others have questioned the authenticity of his journey from average Joe to fitness icon, claiming that his overnight success was due more to luck than hard work.

Though his legacy has been tarnished by controversy in recent years, there is no denying the impact that Zyzz had on the world of bodybuilding and fitness. He inspired countless people to pursue their dreams and strive for greatness – something that will never be forgotten.

Interests And Hobbies

In addition to his bodybuilding success, Aziz Shavershian was a multi-faceted individual who had a variety of interests and hobbies. He was passionate about fitness and the gym lifestyle, often motivating others in the gym with his enthusiasm and positive attitude. His videos on YouTube further helped to spread the message of fitness and healthy living, inspiring countless people to adopt an active lifestyle.

Away from the gym, Zyzz enjoyed playing video games and lived an extravagant lifestyle that included partying and shopping for designer clothing. He was also an avid traveler, frequently visiting different countries around the world. This varied array of interests demonstrated that he had more than just bodybuilding on his mind – something that has continued to inspire many young men today.

No matter what your opinion is of Aziz Shavershian, it’s undeniable that he left behind a lasting legacy in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. His story serves as motivation for anyone looking to pursue their dreams and live a healthier life – something we can all benefit from.

Diet And Nutrition Habits

When it came to diet and nutrition, Aziz Shavershian was a firm believer in the importance of fitness nutrition. As an avid bodybuilder, he knew that proper nutrition was essential for achieving his desired results. He was particularly strict with his diet, often eating multiple small meals throughout the day and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. In addition to sticking to a healthy meal plan, Zyzz was also supplemented with protein shakes and other vitamins to ensure he was getting all of the essential nutrients his body needed.

Aside from his strict dietary habits, Aziz Shavershian also made sure to keep himself hydrated throughout the day. He understood that water is essential for helping our bodies function at their peak performance levels, so he always made sure to drink plenty of it on a daily basis. Additionally, he paid close attention to his macronutrient intake and kept track of how many calories he was taking each day. This helped him stay on top of his overall health and well-being while still maintaining an ideal physique for bodybuilding competitions.

By following these sound nutritional principles, Aziz Shavershian was able to take his bodybuilding career to new heights while also leading a healthier lifestyle. His dedication and commitment serve as an example for many aspiring athletes who are looking to pursue their own dreams in the world of fitness nutrition.

Workout Regimen

Aziz Shavershian was a firm believer in the importance of strength training and had an incredibly disciplined workout regimen. He followed a strict exercise program that focused on building muscle mass as well as maintaining his physique. The program involved high-intensity workouts, such as weightlifting and resistance training, which helped him increase his strength and endurance levels. He also included cardiovascular exercises like running and cycling into his routine to further improve his physical performance. This intense workout regimen allowed him to make rapid progress in bodybuilding competitions while still staying healthy overall.

In addition to this rigorous workout schedule, Aziz Shavershian also incorporated other important aspects of fitness into his routine. He made sure to get plenty of rest between workouts and added stretching exercises into his daily routine as well. Additionally, he supplemented with protein shakes and other vitamins to ensure he was getting all of the essential nutrients his body needed for optimal performance. All of these components combined helped him achieve amazing results in bodybuilding competitions while still taking proper care of himself at the same time.

Overall, Aziz Shavershian’s devotion to physical fitness was unparalleled and serves as an inspiration for many aspiring athletes today. His commitment to diet, nutrition, exercise, and rest truly set him apart from the crowd and enabled him to reach heights that seemed unreachable before.

Final Years Of Life

In his final years of life, Aziz Shavershian faced increasing health issues that eventually led to his untimely death at the age of 24. From the summer of 2011 until his passing in August 2011, he spent most of his time living in Australia as he sought treatment for various medical complications. During this time, he faced a myriad of physical and mental challenges that severely affected his quality of life.

During the last months of his life, Aziz remained positive despite his health struggles and put on a brave face for those around him. He continued to post inspiring messages online and attended bodybuilding shows whenever possible. His resilience and strength during this difficult period were truly remarkable.

Some key moments that stood out in Aziz’s final days include:

  • Participating in a bodybuilding show at Sydney’s Olympic Park just one month before his death;
  • Facing multiple surgeries while still managing to stay upbeat;
  • Taking part in photo shoots with Australian celebrities such as Guy Sebastian and Kimbra Lee Johnson.

Aziz Shavershian’s courage during this trying period will never be forgotten. Despite facing several health issues, he stayed true to himself till the very end and embraced each moment with grace and dignity.

Legacy After Death

Aziz Shavershian left behind a powerful legacy that has continued to live on since his death. His posthumous fame and recognition is evidence of the impact he had on many people around the world. He gained a huge following through social media, becoming an inspiration for generations to come. The nickname ‘Zyzz’ has become synonymous with his name and is often used to describe someone who is confident, daring, and bold in their pursuits.

Aziz’s life story is one of courage and determination. He created a movement that was based on self-improvement, bodybuilding, and living life to the fullest. His influence has been felt beyond the boundaries of Australia and even today, his fans continue to strive towards achieving greater heights in their own lives.

The legacy of Aziz Shavershian will continue to remain strong for many years to come. His memory serves as an example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity, inspiring countless individuals around the world every day.

Tributes And Memorials

Since his passing, many tributes and memorials have been created in honor of Aziz Shavershian. In 2012, the Zyzz Tribute was launched to celebrate his life and legacy. The website features quotes from Aziz, as well as personal stories from people who were inspired by him. It also includes a photo gallery that showcases pictures of him throughout his life.

In addition to this online tribute, several physical memorials have been erected in memory of Aziz. His hometown of Sydney has multiple monuments dedicated to him, including a mural with the phrase “Live Life Aggressively” – one of his most famous mantras. A memorial service was also held in Melbourne where hundreds of people congregated to remember and celebrate the life of their beloved “Zyzz”.

These tributes demonstrate that Aziz Shavershian’s memory continues to live on long after his death. His impact is still felt around the world, inspiring individuals to strive for greatness and live life to the fullest.

Cultural Impact

Aziz Shavershian’s legacy has had a lasting cultural impact. His unique style and attitude have inspired millions of people around the world to live life aggressively and strive for greatness. He has become a symbol of motivation and positive change, with his mantra “Live Life Aggressively” resonating with many people.

The influence of “Zyzz” can be seen everywhere, from the gym to social media. There are countless accounts dedicated to him on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. His message continues to spread as more and more people find inspiration in his story.

The impact of Aziz Shavershian is undeniable. He will continue to be remembered for generations to come as an individual who inspired millions around the world to realize their potential and embrace life fully.

Influence On Future Generations

Aziz Shavershian’s influence on future generations is undeniable. His message of living life aggressively has resonated with millions around the world, inspiring them to strive for greatness in all aspects of their lives. From the fitness and bodybuilding industry to social media, his impact can be seen everywhere. Here are three ways that “Zyzz” continues to shape and influence the world:

First, he has had a significant influence on the fitness and bodybuilding industry. He was an advocate for healthy living and physical fitness, inspiring many to take up bodybuilding as a way to improve their health and well-being. His unique style and attitude set him apart from other bodybuilders, making him an inspiration for aspiring athletes who want to reach their goals.

Second, his impact can be seen on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. There are countless accounts dedicated to him all over the world, reminding people of his story and motivating them to stay focused on their goals. In addition, his “Live Life Aggressively” mantra continues to be shared by millions of people around the globe.

Thirdly, Aziz Shavershian will continue to have an impact on future generations through his legacy as an individual who inspired millions around the world to realize their potential and embrace life fully. His cultural impact will live on forever as a reminder that anything is possible if you commit yourself fully to achieving your dreams.

In short, Aziz Shavershian has left behind a lasting legacy that will continue to shape and influence future generations for years to come.


Aziz Shavershian, or “Zyzz” as he was known to his fans, left an indelible mark on the world of bodybuilding and social media. His personal style, branding, and influence on future generations were undeniable. He had a unique vision for himself which allowed him to rise from obscurity to international fame in a short period of time.

Although Zyzz is no longer alive, his legacy lives on through his fans and admirers who continue to pay tribute to him. Whether it is posting photos of his shrine at the gym or wearing shirts emblazoned with his catchphrase “Aesthetics over Everything”, people remember Zyzz in their own way. His impact on culture will likely be felt for many years to come.

Zyzz was truly one of a kind—a revolutionary in the bodybuilding world and an inspiration to millions around the globe. He was able to take something he loved and use it as fuel for success; this is something that everyone can learn from. Although we may never know what could have been if he were still alive today, there’s no doubt that his memory will live on forever.

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